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What are the benefits of dentures?

Both full and partial dentures are economical pathways to replace multiple missing teeth.

Full dentures are supported only by the bone of the jaw, relying on suction and a precision fit to stay in place.

Partial dentures are supported by the remaining teeth and bony structures of the mouth. They stay in place better than full dentures and should be used when possible.

Strategically placed dental implants are an option help tighten the fit of full dentures.

Why doesn't my denture fit?

Loose dentures can be caused by body weight fluctuation, bone loss, multiple denture repairs, and undesirable oral anatomy. Careful application of adhesive helps mildly loose fitting dentures. Very loose dentures may require a reline, remake, or anchoring with dental implants.

Loose partial dentures are subject to the same issues, in lucky cases, carefully adjusting a clasp or two can tighten things up.

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