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Tooth Colored Fillings

Why use a tooth colored filling?

Tooth colored fillings glue directly to the tooth, and are carefully selected to match the colors of the surrounding teeth. Used correctly, tooth colored fillings essentially disappear once shaped and polished.

Once the cavity is removed, the tooth is dried off and prepared for the filling. Tooth colored filling material is added in small amounts and hardened with a blue light.  After the tooth is filled, small burs are used to form and polish it back to it’s original shape and sparkle.

What are the other options?

When teeth have large areas decayed or broken, a dental crown will be a stronger restoration in the long term. Click here for more information.

Teeth with cavities in the back of the mouth can be fixed with a silver or amalgam filling. They are not as popular as tooth-colored fillings from an aesthetic standpoint but are very sturdy and an excellent option in less visible areas.

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