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Fluoride promotes healing of small cavities and prevents new cavities from forming.  Studies have shown that professionally applied fluoride varnishes help reduce decay in those who are at high risk. For tooth sensitivity, fluoride applications have also been proven to help.  Fluoride is also found in our water supply and has helped communities reduce decay rates for both adults and children by at least 25%.

Children whose teeth are still developing especially benefit from fluoride.  Fluoride helps strengthen the teeth and help with the development of adult teeth.  Most insurances cover fluoride varnishes for children under the age of eighteen. Some insurances will cover one application a year for adults.

We apply fluoride by brushing on a gel that becomes sticky when exposed to saliva.  With this fluoride varnish, you do not have to wait to eat or drink.  We do recommend avoiding eating or drinking anything super hot (such as hot soups or coffee) for at least 1 hour after application.

If you drink only filtered water or sugary drinks, have a history of decay or tooth sensitivity, ask about a fluoride varnish today!

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