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What are dental sealants? 

Sealants are a protective layer applied to the deep pits and grooves of permanent teeth that are difficult to keep clean.  They have been proven effective in the prevention of decay.  Recent statistics state that sealants prevent 80% of decay in those common molar areas.  Easily applied in the office, sealants help kids keep their adult teeth clean and cavity free. Sealants are usually covered under most insurances for children.  

How are sealants placed on the tooth?

  1. the tooth is cleaned and a material is placed in the grooves to help make the sealant material hold

  2. The sealant is painted onto the chewing surface of your teeth

  3. a special light is used to help harden and seal the material onto your tooth

  4. No anesthesia is needed for this process!

If you or your child has been told they have deep grooves or pits, ask about sealants and other decay prevention methods! 

CDC Sealant Info

ADA Sealant Info


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